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[NC] NC, CX7, or CX9 OEM steering wheel or steering wheel buttons

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  • [Wanted] [NC] NC, CX7, or CX9 OEM steering wheel or steering wheel buttons

    IMG_2227.jpgAfter a fair amount of looking and a short plane trip to Sarasota, I found a nice 2006 NC soft top base model. I'm interested in adding cruise, and so I'm looking for a used NC, CX-7, or CX-9 steering wheel (or just the buttons off the wheel) to add it per this post:

    I've got an isotta wheel with wood trim that I'd be willing to trade, or I can pay cash. Thanks!

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    I have a 2008 GT auto wheel with controls. Good, not great. Email is best. [email protected].
    David Luney - Suwanee GA
    [email protected]
    04 RX-8, 10 Black MS3, 08 Red MS3, 06 550i, 05 325i 92 Spec Miata and a parts car or two.


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      If you need help with the swap, let me know. I've pulled the steering wheel off plenty of times. What I'm not sure is if you'll need the wiring harness or not.
      2007 True Red Miata


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        Thanks! My understanding is that I need the control buttons and the harness that is inside the wheel, and that I'll need to attach the existing horn button to that harness.

        Whats unclear to me is the airbag - if I can find the cx7/cx9 wheel i think i'll probably just move the controls to my existing NC wheel, since trying to get the miata airbag to fit (and trusting that it will work) in a non standard wheel is a bit too much risk.

        David - sent you an email.