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NB2 or NC wanted.

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  • [Wanted] NB2 or NC wanted.

    I'm looking for a car to replace my NB1; I'm OK with something with a less than awesome exterior/interior, but I'm primarily looking for mechanically sound, no rust, and on the lower end of the mileage spectrum for its year. In order of preference:
    1. 2009+ NC
    2. NC1
    3. NB2

    I'm relocating to an area where I won't have to do emissions testing (good) but also won't have immediate access to a garage or covered parking(bad), so I'd like a simpler model NC without many frills. Bad tops are OK, I'd just have to get it done sooner than later and get a cover.

    NC prices seem to be all over the place and tons of them are automatics, so I've been unable to find anything so far. Any tips (or offers) appreciated.

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    Saw this one today:

    Seller says it hasn't had the WP/TB service done and sounds like it needs a new top. Any thoughts?