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Looking for black carpet for 1990 Miata

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  • [Wanted] Looking for black carpet for 1990 Miata

    I'm looking to replace the floor insulation and carpet in my wife's 1990 Miata. It's black and the insulation is shot. Is there a preferred insulation type that works best for heat and noise? I'd be interested in a used carpet (black) if it's in good shape. Thanks!

    Found what I was looking for, thank you.
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    I wouldn't go back with the factory insulation, use some closed cell acoustic foam that will stick to the metal.

    EDIT: This is what I'm talking about. Noico Liner 157 Mil 37.5 Sqft Car Heat Insulation Pad, Foam Self-adhesive Sound Deadening and Automotive Dampening Mat for Cars (1/6'' Sound Deadener)
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      Home Depot has what you need for insulation:
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        I used that when I rebuilt my car in 2015.


        I'm not saying I did the best way, but it worked fine.

        I powerwashed the carpet with a little home unit and some Simple Green. The older loop-style carpet is really durable and easier to maintain (opinion) than the cut-pile later stuff. 23 years of dirt washed out made a huge difference.

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