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1996 Miata $1000

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  • [For Sale] [NA] 1996 Miata $1000

    It needs quite a bit of work, but I rebuilt the engine about 20k ago. It has 194XXX miles. Needs a driveshaft (it squeaks), driver side shocks (they also squeak), front driver side control arm is slightly bent, the radiator cracked this morning (gonna patch it and maybe get an aluminum one from eBay), one of the pop-ups stopped working so they are up all the time, no carpet (I have floor mats), maybe 4 inch hole in driver seat bolster, passenger window hasn't worked since I bought it 2 years ago, needs both fenders, driver door and quarter panel have a dent from where someone backed into me, driver side outside door handle doesn't like to work all the time because of that accident (I'm sure it's an easy fix I'm just lazy) I think that's all the bad. It has a NB nardi wheel, newish brakes, I did the timing belt, water and oil pump when I rebuilt it. I have a set of daisies that will go with it. I replaced the soft top and clutch when I bought the car. Got a new windshield a couple months ago. Fluids have always been kept up with in trans and diff (which is the Torsen). New battery and alternator went in last week. A/C and power steering work great. Kinda firm on the price because I will need to buy a new car because this was my daily. Runs and drives great, just a little beat up

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    Send some pics and a location I'm interested


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      I have a friend who's interested in some pics

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        I'm also interested send me some pics and where you wanna meet