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Turboed 97 golf 2.0 trade for 96 up na

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  • [Wanted] Turboed 97 golf 2.0 trade for 96 up na

    Looking to trade my turboed 97 golf 2.0 with a mildly built motor running 12psi and 243hp and torque to the flywheel for a 96 and up na. 125,000 miles. It's an 8v sohc, with a 276 wide lobe hydro cam from techtonics, techtonics aluminum adjustable cam sprocket, mk4 2.0 intake manifold ported to match the head, ARP head studs. It's running a 9.5/1 compression ratio with a 3 ply metal head gasket. Delrin motor and tranny mounts. The turbo is a kit from JDM sport, it has the 70mm turbo, bov and intercooler with stainless piping as well as a boost gauge in the driver air vent. 3" maf sensor from an Audi a4 I believe. The tune is a generic techtonics chip for the cam and turbo, It could use a dyno tune but runs just fine without it (just a little rough). The exhaust is 2.5 all the way back with a vibrant resonator and rear axle downpipe, there is no cat so if your emissions checks the piping you'll need one (it doesn't throw a code for it because of the chip). The water pump, timing belt, starter, and battery are all new. Oil was changed 300 miles ago, coolant was changed 50 miles ago. 92 corrado transmission The front end is a different color from a 97 Jetta front end swap. The wheels are 15×7 all around, new tires with less than 1000 miles on them. 4 wheel disk brakes, and lowering springs (1.5 in rear and 2" in front). The seats are from a GTI and the leather in the front two is split in the bottom but aside from that they're clean.

    Cons: no AC from turbo and no heat from a failed heater core. Lots of interior vibration from the urethane motor mounts. The transmission is notchy and the third gear synchro grinds (you just have to be gentle)

    I'm really dying to get into the Miata scene so if you or anyone you know is looking to get rid of just let them know of my post. PM me your number if you're interested, I have pics and any other information you need! Thank you for reading

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