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AEM Filter, OEM? NB1 Boot Cover, OEM NB1 Stereo

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  • [For Sale] [NB] AEM Filter, OEM? NB1 Boot Cover, OEM NB1 Stereo

    Hello all,

    I've got some odd bits I'd like to like to get rid of. Located in Atlanta, 30318. Can ship anywhere on your dime.

    First, a new-in-box, never used AEM dryflow filter. Part # 21-2027D-HK, probably wont work too well for a miata, but if you've got another 6 or 8 cylinder vehicle this might fit the bill.
    Asking $20

    Second, a used OEM (I think, cant find any manufacturer markings) boot cover, out of a 2000 NB. I'm almost positive it'd fit any of the newer NB's. No tears or cracks, I just never use it.
    Asking $60

    Last, an old OEM stereo headunit, out of a 2000 NB.
    Asking $15

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    That filter is about perfect for a Miata actually. Ill take it :) Cold air intake tubing is 2.75" FYI ;)