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Wanted - NB1 Injectors

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  • [Wanted] Wanted - NB1 Injectors

    Thanks to Hector at RSpeed my original 170k NA6 Miata now has a Jackson Racing Supercharger installed. Still running stock ECU and just installed an MTX-L and Boost gauge. I do think I might need to install a Flyin Miata O2 bypass and I do think it needs bigger injectors but not going to push it too far at this point. I need to buy a 1.6 motor here at some point to put aside when the original gives up the ghost but have no space to put it for the moment. PM me if you got some laying around. I'm sure I'll have them sent off and flow tested as well before slapping them in, used to use WitchHunter Performance for cleaning and flow testing.

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    I have a set or two in Suwanee.
    David Luney - Suwanee GA
    [email protected]
    04 RX-8, 10 Black MS3, 08 Red MS3, 06 550i, 05 325i 92 Spec Miata and a parts car or two.