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FM Turbo Dual Exhaust, Test Pipe, and JR High Flow Cat

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  • FM Turbo Dual Exhaust, Test Pipe, and JR High Flow Cat

    - Flyin Miata dual exhaust system for turbo NAs. No pipe dents, there is a little scuff on the muffler, but that's it. 2.5" straight-pipe back to the muffler, which is one in, two out, with polished tips on the end.

    - Flyin Miata Resonated Race Pipe (Test Pipe) - Just that, direct bolt in for the cat, with a nice resonated tone.

    - Jackson Racing High Flow Catalytic Converter - Just in case you need to pass emissions. :)

    Normally, FM 90-97 turbo duals go for $580, the test pipe goes for $184, and the JR cat sells for $189. That's a total of $953.

    Buy everything listed here for $500 obo. Local pickup is definitely preferred, but will ship at buyer's expense. Will even arrange for meeting within a reasonable distance.

    Part Out Prices:
    FM Duals - $ 375
    FM Test Pipe - $ 100
    JR Cat - $ 100


    Originally posted by miata5620
    Eric's Garage ... You buy all the parts I tell you to and you will have a killer car... If you want other parts used your car will suck and it will cost you more...