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  • 95 White NA

    Going to be looking to sell my mx-5 here soon. It has 90k miles, brand new 1 piece glass rear window soft top, RB Intake and dual tip exhaust, AAC flushmount headlights. It has 92 wheels which I treated to the rattlecan special. Not so much selling the car yet as seeing what people think I could get for it or if anyone might be interested in getting it in the next month or so, will probably ask for around 5,500. For a well maintained car with no defects and good paint is that reasonable?

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    Sounds on the high side to me but perhaps some pics inside and out would help convince me. :) Usually when you get in the $5500-6000 range for an NA you can get a low mile car, and/or a special edition/color etc or nicely modified one.
    Not trying to bash you or your car at all, I dont think I have seen it. You asked for opinions so I thought I would respond with one. And of course when selling cars anything is possible.


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      No, these are the things I need to know, I will get some pics up soon.

      ***car was at the last tech meet as well, only thing really memorable about it is the flush kit***
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        Originally posted by Nicklandovich View Post

        ***car was at the last tech meet as well, only thing really memorable about it is the flush kit***
        Either I missed it or maybe you left before I got there....or maybe I just have a bad memory.
        I am old. :lol: And I got there quite late.


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          Hmmm, idk, I see them going on CL for around that but they dont seem to sell well...I would say probably closer to 4, but pics would help
          Kinda inherited the car from my Grandfather. Its a love hate relationship. lol


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            So, I'll definately be selling the car here soon, going to find a fair price if anyone is interested let me know. tenative price of 4400.
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