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Rubber window-side weather stripping wanted

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  • Rubber window-side weather stripping wanted

    Hi there,
    I am getting my 90 Miata painted and that black rubber weather stripping
    needs replacing. Does anyone have both drivers side and passenger
    side weather stripping in good condition or can point me in the right
    direction to get some that won't cost more than the paint job itself :clap:?

    I would sure appreciate it.

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    Hello Tracy, welcome to!

    You're referring to the belt line molding I believe, the trim that is outside of the window on top of the door, correct? If so, I've tried the used route before, and even though I got the strips cheap, they were still somewhat brittle (mostly just dried out) and were bent during the uninstall. The bending can be fixed, but it never really looked right. I've since gone with new ones and not regretted it. Rosenthal Mazda has them for $40/side: ( which is cheaper than the local dealerships I got quotes from. You have to pay for shipping, but they're in VA, so it's not too bad, and they only charge you actual rate.

    Originally posted by miata5620
    Eric's Garage ... You buy all the parts I tell you to and you will have a killer car... If you want other parts used your car will suck and it will cost you more...


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      Hey, i'm the one who emailed you. I got mine from Metalman on here for cheap and it was in good condtion and install went well. All about your budget. Install is pretty easy.

      Kinda inherited the car from my Grandfather. Its a love hate relationship. lol


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        x2 for Rosenthal. I've made several orders for Miata parts from them, all of them were positive experiences.
        1991 UK-spec MX-5 - <<< METAL!