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2002 Special Edition (Titanium Gray / Saddle leather) 15,000 Miles !!

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  • 2002 Special Edition (Titanium Gray / Saddle leather) 15,000 Miles !!

    I live in Eastern Ohio , near Canton, ( retired senior and Vietnam Vet) and I am selling my 2002 Special Edition Titanium Gray, Saddle Leather Interior, Miata with only 15,000 original miles. I flew to Texas in 2004 and drove the Miata back to Ohio. My car is # 999 of 1500 of the 2002 SE's ever built. My son and I decided to add a supercharger ( from Flyin' Miata). The bulk of the work has already been completed. Intercooler is done, Flyin' Miata Stainless Steel exhaust and tips are done, Supercharger already installed, cold air intake already installed. I would estimate that only 6 hours work ( mainly tuning, ecu type stuff remains to be completed but ( EVERYTHING is there, brand new, in boxes)

    This car is rust, no nicks, no dings, and always covered in my heated garage. It would be very difficult to find another 02, SE, in this condition, with these ultra low miles, anywhere in the country. I know I spent over $18,000 for the car in 04 and with the supercharger and other things, we have an additional $3000-$3500 invested ( Including a brand new, high performance clutch not installed yet.). Many pictures are available !. Selling it outright. I WOULD ACCEPT ANY REASONABLE OFFER.

    Thank You

    [email protected]

    PS..If you know of anybody interested, it would be greatly appreciated !!!

    PPS..Still has the TEXAS motor vehicle stickers on the windshield !

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    While I don't necessarily condone your first post being a for sale thread, I can understand wanting to get the word out from such a far way away.
    Also check into posting it on, they have a boost happy crowd over there (mostly turbocharged guys, hence the name), but S/Cs are appreciated there too. Plus there are people on that forum in your area.
    Good Luck with the sale. Very nice SE.

    Originally posted by miata5620
    Eric's Garage ... You buy all the parts I tell you to and you will have a killer car... If you want other parts used your car will suck and it will cost you more...


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      List a price as well. Is this a shop or a personal vehicle?


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        Is that the "Shinsen" edition? Sexy car none the less! Good luck with the sale, and yes, posting a starting offer price is probably prudent.


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          Thanks guys. Its not the " Shinsen" edition. Its a 2002 Special Edition. I know I didnt post a price because I just decided to sell it . While I know I have nearly $20,000-$21000 in it, I didnt know what to ask for to be reasonable. I would "assume" in the $14,000-$15000 range ??? Heck, its basically, ( lacking 15,000 miles) a new car....its THAT nice. It is NOT in a shop. Its in my garage. The other vehicles you might see are my 05 GTO, 6 Speed( 14,974 miles) and 1987 Grand National ( 13,900 miles) and all three are for sale. I want to have them sold by April to pursue a new Z06.

          If any more questions, please advise. I would be more than happy to send additional pictures or answer any questions.

          Thank You



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            the 2002 SE cars were available in Titanium (like my 02 SE) and Blaze Yellow. The 2003 SE was actually Strato Blue and the Sinshen Edition was it's own thing and was also titanium but had a blue top, blue seats and blue door panels (i have the Sinshen door panels in my car). There was also another package in 03 or 04 that was sunlight silver and had a blue top and seats.

            GLWS, I love my 02SE, but I long since ripped out all of the saddle brown interior bits :D


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              saddle brown seats are so sexy thats a nice car man good luck with sale
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