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who buys catalytic converters?

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  • who buys catalytic converters?

    i have the cat off my first miata and i know some people buy them for scrap and ive heard you can get some decent money for them, so does anyone know where i go to get rid of it and put some cash in my pocket?

    if anyone wants it on here, i can meet wherever. i also have my entire stock exhaust. make offers, i need $$. :)

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    the price on converter cores took a nosedive.. you'll be lucky to get $20 for one. Notice there hasn't been any news articles about converter thefts? Because there is no money in it now.


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      where can you sell them for $20 then? I think I'm just gonna go to my local scrapyard and see if they want it, and i i get some money, then yay.


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        I talked to a used dealer that sells them to a guy that goes around to all the car lots buying scrap metal. He was quoted $25 a piece for them, about half or more what they sold for before the stock market dive. The buyer told him to wait until mid Feb. with them until he expects to get what was once a normal price for them. that's IF predictions hold true. FYI.

        ALSO - there's a press release that Mazda just put out - saying they are aggresively changing materials and structure in their cats to #1 reduce amount of precious metals in them, and #2 cleaner emissions... another FYI :)
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          Guy I use to sell to paid between $50-$80 and would take them to someplace in Alabama, obviously making more.

          I use to do scrap metal too but scrap yard didn't pay as much.

          ...I quit...


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            lol yeah you were forced to quit....

            best option i found was 35 bucks... guess im going on monday.
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