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Thread: Workshop Project: Small Lathe Rebuild

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    Took some time to get the quick change tool post set up. This is going to make life SO much easier. As with most bolt on stuff, this kit was made for similar lathes, but not this exact lathe, so it wasn't exactly a bolt on affair.

    It came with an M8 internal thread - 9/16 external adapter, because the newer versions of this lathe all came with M8 tool posts from the factory. Well, mine came with an M10 tool post.

    Fortunately, I have this handy-dandy lathe! So I chucked it up and drilled out the M8 internals to 11/32 (which is the standard drill size equivalent of an M10 tap-drill size), and then drilled a much shallower bore to compensate for the M10 post's longer unthreaded shank. After that, I tapped it as deep as I could go with my M10x1.5 tap. Unfortunately, that tap wasn't long enough to thread the full shank, but it was long enough for PLENTY of thread engagement, so I simply cut the top 8mm off of the stock tool post (yeah, taking a hacksaw to my tools? Not my favorite.), smoothed out the top of the post with a flap disk, and then ran the die back up the threads to clean them up.

    All that done, and she fits like a glove!

    And since I just cannot and will not leave well enough alone, I had to set up a few of the tools, get them aligned and make a few chips. The insert tooling is going to working with this machine A LOT easier.

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    Lathemas is right- this tool keeps giving. You realize owning and using a lathe now obligates you to "lathe videos"?

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