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Thread: Storm roll call

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    1 mile east of downtown Roswell. A few power flickers, but didn't lose power until Monday morning and it was only out for ~ 3 minutes. I'm in an older neighborhood, just a couple of downed trees, minor damage to homes, nothing dire. Big Creek runs through the back of our neighborhood and it was very high.

    I spend the day and night in the man-cave in our basement watching movies and football. I got bored and rebuilt a spare set of HLAs I need to get in the car for Road Atlanta. We had prepared to take in my sister and her family, who live west of Orlando, but they decided to stay.

    It really wasn't a big deal. I had the yard cleaned up on Monday. Mostly fallen tree boughs, some branches, and a ****e-tonne of needles. 11 bags of yard waste sitting on the curb. I ordered a box of glow sticks (for emergency lighting) through Amazon Prime, and they were delivered on time Sunday, during the storm. Hurricane dance party!

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    I had my hurricane just like a Prius, most boring one ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfire0310 View Post
    How did everyone fair?

    Lost power here for maybe 30secs. Just long enough to make me reset all the clocks, but otherwise North Cumming faired well.

    Everyone else free and clear. I am looking at you Rob, no trees fell on your garage again right?
    I am in North Cumming, we lost power Monday night and just got it back last night. We have one road out of our property. Two large trees fell blocking the road and taking out the power lines. Could not cut the tress because of the live power lines. Power company cut the trees out monday afternoon and restored the power later that evening
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    Quote Originally Posted by MARKS_NB View Post
    Our power went out at 5 pm and just came back on. Off of Coleman Rd in Roswell.......
    Ditto on location and outage.

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