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Thread: Opinions of cloth soft tops please

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharkythesharkdogg View Post
    A lot of the cold weather problems people have are with the plastic window itself, and less about the vinyl top.

    If they don't have a zipper on the plastic window, it cracks as you know. If it has a zipper, and they don't use it, it cracks too.

    Advice Corner Time:

    Also, incase people haven't thought about it, always unlatch your top latches before unzipping the window. This releases tension on the zipper. Do the reverse order for raising the top up. Raise it up, zip up the window with no tension on the zipper, and then latch it.

    I'm sure it's obvious to some folks, but that's the main way I've seen those zipper failures start. Also, if you have a glass window, don't be lazy. Support the window with your hand while you zip and unzip it. Yes I've seem people ignore that, and yes it kills your zipper.

    Also, use your top boot if you have one. If you don't, consider buying one. You can find cheap used ones all over. You've probably noticed how the inside of the top fades where the sun hits it. It's not designed to be exposed to UV light. You're supposed to cover it up to protect it with your top boot. It's not really supposed to be an option, you're supposed to use it. That's why you see accelerated wear and pin holes in that area of the top, IMO.

    Mazda got called out by a few people for bragging about how quick the top goes down when in reality you're supposed to use your top boot every time. They weren't including that in the time. I do like how the NC and ND models fold down in a way that protects the inside layer from UV light. It eliminates that step.

    Anyway, obviously you don't have to do it, but if I just dropped big money on a nice new cloth top I definitely would.
    Thanks Greg, it is responses like this, that I steer any business I can your way. I do have a question though. I just installed a used cloth top with a used rain rail that previous had rivets. Rail very pliable, no cracks. With the latest rain, I did have a few very very small leaks inside the car, seemed to becoming from near the rain rail bolts.(have not install the back carpet for this very reason). Do you need to cover the previous rivet holes with something or do I need those felt things to cover the bolts? Thanks.

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    I don't know who Greg is. Reverend Greg, maybe?

    Anyway, it's possible you'll need to install those foam sealing washers. Some people just use silicone. It might also be possible that your little rain guard lip that helps guide water to the rain rail isn't on all the way around. Do the classic test.

    Have a friend with a hose on the outside of the car while you are inside the car with a flash light. It should help you pinpoint the spot where it's leaking.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beastinthebushes View Post
    Do lots and lots of reading and research. Lots of vendors sell suspension, not just FM.

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