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    How much does it typically cost to replace a soft top? Got quoted $1350 at an upholstery place, would it be better to do it myself?

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    'How much is a top' is like 'how much is a house', 'how much is a car' etc etc
    There are many many variables.
    A cheap kind of crappy top can be had for 350-400ish installed. A high quality top may cost close a grand without install.
    An OEM replacement is expensive as well.
    For $1350 I would expect a cloth canvas top with glass window from Electron or similar.
    Rain rails are another variable. There are crappy 20 dollar kinds and good ones for 130-150
    Most people spend about 400-800 on average.....but many use cheap junk tops too.
    You can install a decent quality Robbins yourself for 400-600ish, depending on type. You will likely want a new rain rail too.
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