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    Default New to the Miata Scene

    Hello my fellow MX-5 owners! I'm Paul and I recently have become a proud owner of a 96' Miata. It is Montego Blue, 5 speed Manual, bone stock mechanically, has the m edition speakers on the doors with beige and black interior, and has 136k on it. I do not have much background when it comes to these vehicles but have heard threw various friends how great the cars and community are. In the past couple years I have slowly transitioned to becoming a car guy and am having a blast learning, working on, and driving cars varying from BMW M3's to Dodge Vipers.

    So far I am beyond impressed in how the car handles and cannot wait to see what she can truly do. This is one of the best decisions I have made, and I cannot wait until I get to know the community more.

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    Welcome! Yep, you heard right - great cars, great community. Sounds like your car is pretty nice!

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    Welcome, Montego Blue is still my favorite color on a Miata. Don't forget to post pics!
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