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Thread: Stealth's Re-build thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealth97 View Post
    Yeah apparently there is a new version that hits even lower. I stopped by Fry's today and sampled them and they don't sound as good as the Memphis components for mids/highs, but the lows were impressive just off of HU power. There also at least $30 cheaper there than I've been able to find online, so when I'm ready to rip apart the doors again I'm going to pick some up.

    This is them here - they hit down to 40Hz!

    very nice! i'll have to check those out at some point. i'd love to change the speakers in my msm but thats all bose (minus the head unit which is actually the same one you went with) so i know it would require pretty much ripping out everything and running new wires so its just been pushed back to deal with for now.
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    I hear you. Running wires through the doors is a massive pain, especially on the passenger side the blower assembly has to be removed.

    What I do is cut the connectors off on the speaker side, duct tape the new wires to the old ones and pull them through from the inside. Since the polls don't have crossovers, I may have to do it again! Waaaah! Lol
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    I used Polks in my e30 at stock locations/sizing. I had factory tweeters on door. Tied it together with a model-specific low profile Alpine 8" sub and Alpine amp. It was one of my favorite systems I've put together. The Polks are also in my NA with a tiny Kenwood marine amp. On my wife's NB, I bypassed all the Bose garbage and use 8" coax in the doors and replacement tweeters powered by a an amp and media player HU. Very crisp lows and fidelity with the top down.

    Running wires through the doors is a bit fiddly, but worth the trouble. The wire quality on the Mazdas products is OK at best, but a little slim for higher power.

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